No blank ones, tear off a half. You just drive down the road one day Oreshkin, where the heck are you? And nothing but the truth. To see my girlfriend. So we could celebrate New Year at home first, then go to Bavly Because of you guys I had to make a promise that I can’t possibly fulfill!

No, you should forgive me. Listen, I have to run now, my students are here for surfing lessons. May your most sacred wishes come true. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for her all my life. As the new year celebrations approach, a bunch of characters throughout Russia experience diverse situations that eventually get interconnected towards a joyous finale. On this night I have a few special minutes, when I can address each and every one of you. Tell me where you are? An employee of the President’s Cabinet.

So you’ll be 43 then.

I wanted to go somewhere far away and have some privacy. Excuse me for barging in like this. Holiday Movies From Around the World. The X-Ray showed a twisted leg. Anyways, she dumped him. I’m the one with the boot. Yolki Not so many holidays are celebrated nation-wide in Russia. Edit Did You Know? And her wish was never made. Saw her picture on Facebook and fell in love. While in Ufa girlfriends were arguing which is better to burn paper or use astrology, in Perm yopki athletes decided to find out in a fair battle who is cooler a skier or a snowboarder.


And everything will be ve-ry good. Meanwhile Yulia went to buy her fiance’s subitles champagne.

Yolki (2010) Movie Script

Dressed as a Santa and his Snow Maiden. That Peter would quit drinking. I am looking for a job right now. It was only a joke. There is one little girl. Did you lose something of value?

You don’t even have any evidence. No, I have my own snow maiden. When I come to your resort next time, I will be sure to call you myself.

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I don’t believe in any of it. And everyone thought otherwise. Yolki are on the screen! Just from one photo.

Six Degrees of Celebration (Ёлки, 2010) with subs

Vera, the car broke down and it’s C outside. Fell for her hard. While love is saving the world With the glimmer of crystal notes.

Santa helps those who help themselves. Yulia realized that she had burned the wrong half of the paper. Peter, I just wanted to put the flowers in the vase! Young man, what are you doing?


Hug each other to save the warmth. Celebrate just this once without me, and I will be back soon. I told you it wouldn’t work. I’m not some toy. It is never too late.

Who would he know?

You came to snowboard there.