Kashino and Andou react comically maybe jealously , but Ichigo dismisses the kiss as “nothing more than a greeting. She makes the whole class do the most basic lessons until the day of the competition, making Team Ichigo wonder if there’s a point. There, she finds out that the eldest out of Andou’s 4 younger siblings, Ichita, dislikes cake, so she decides to find out why. Ichigo runs off looking at all the sweets and the boys are left to chase after her. But what’s really on the line is to see if Team Ichigo gets to keep Kashino. Ichigo, with the help of Caramel and Vanilla, stays up all night the night before her showdown with the Heiress to practice making pudding.

Yumeiro Patissiere was available for streaming with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. Therefore, they must take a supplementary exam. By the time they got to the last destination in Germany, Henri-sensei announced that the rematch semi-finals would be held in the Swan Castle. Along the way, she meets boys, enemies, and sweets spirits. The two teams battle it out to see who wins. After that, Ichigo receives a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he’s opening a Marie’s Garden in London. Retrieved 28 March

Group B invited her to gather walnuts and she is intentionally misled by them. Ichigo dances with Henri-sensei, making the Sweets Princes jealous. Ichigo, Kashino, and Andou are easily able to come up with their pound cakes. In the end of the episode, Henri-sensei calls and said if they didn’t pass a specific goal, Mari cannot keep the shop.

Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot which neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it. However, Hayami and the rest of Group F continually slack off in class and she, however, seemingly doesn’t care about sweets. When she meets up with Kashino and the others, the Sweets Princes got envious as Ricardo flirts with her. After being told by Tennouji that she’ll never catch up to her in the time she has before the finals, Ichigo tries to figure out what she means by that.

Ichigo and her team with the help of Hanabusa and Andou open up their shop while Miya and Johnny’s shop called “Beautiful Night Castle” becomes a big hit. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After discovering that Vanilla followed her and remembering the happiness her grandmother’s sweets brought her, Ichigo decides to go back to St. The episodes from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere are based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsumi Matsumoto.


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In the end of the episode, Henri-sensei togoanime and said they have pwtissiere their goal. The CD single for the two was released by the Columbia Music Entertainment on January 20, in a regular and limited edition. Team Ichigo is up against the only first year group in the quarterfinals of the middle school round of the Cake Grand Prix, whose leader, Lemon, is a transfer student from the original campus in Paris.

Marie’s annual Christmas cake charity event, Ichigo encounters a customer who seems very depressed.

Furthermore, while preparing for the match, Team Ichigo decides to make gelato for the competition and meets Ricardo in town. Marie Academy emblem on it. When Vanilla asks her to visit the Sweets Kingdom, she agrees eagerly. After traveling back to Japan using the Sweets Kingdom gkgoanime train, Ichigo samples the Heiress’s top-quality strawberries, but still can’t find one to suit her tart.

It turns out that the castle is the venue for the semi-finals, the theme of which is a dress made of chocolate. There’s a special pwtissiere at St.

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However, the landlady tells them that if they don’t come gogpanime with a unique flavor for their gelato they will never win the competition. After that, Ichigo receives a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he’s opening a Marie’s Garden in London. Kashino, who made rum raisin, Andoh who made pistachio, Hanabusa who made peach, and sakura sea salt they three succeed into making with some of Ichigo’s ideas.

Views Read Edit View history. However, the shop are running out of funds which means the shop might go bankrupt before it even opens.


When he had his cake to be like the way he wanted it to be, Ichigo suggests that the group should change their pound cake recipes and has to stay up all night to perfect their four cakes.

With that shocking revelation, Team Ichigo is left wondering what to make of it. They do not have enough time to change the design of the cake, so the cake looks like Team Koshiro’s cake. Andou clashes with Katie, Hanabusa matches against Isabella, Kashino battles against Dominique and the team leaders battles each other. Andoh’s shop is on the verge of closing down.

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But, Ichigo quickly tells them the truth after her mom hangs up the phone and tells them her plans to transfer from St. Ichigo’s two years of studying abroad in Paris are over and she returns to Japan. They are about to start when Ichigo finds out that she showed her design to the opposing team and they are using a similar design! This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Due to the fact that too many middle school teams entered this year, they find out at the beginning of the exam that there is a new individual section.

At the party, they end up having a tie and Ichigo danced with the Sweets Princes. Ichigo runs off looking at all the sweets and the boys are left to chase after her.

Andou asks her to come with him to his family’s Japanese confectionery to help get her mind off things. Ichita gives Amelie some cookies, and she invites them to her mobile home in repayment for the delicious cookies.

On the day of the competition, Team Ichigo manages to beat Team Ricardo’s doughnuts by one point.